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WTF is a Scholarly Blurb?

Henrik S. Rasmussen
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Let me introduce a new kid in town – the Scholarly Blurb.

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It usually takes a PhD to make an original contribution and substantial addition to knowledge. This knowledge is encapsulated in the PhD thesis and in the oral defence. 

In the meantime, while working towards the original contribution.
Prepare for the post-PhD career, expand your network, and work on your communication skills. 
Share knowledge and make yourself attractive to critical stakeholders using Scholarly Blurbs, combined with the registration of your scholarly work in the institutional CRIS.

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Scholarly Blurbs are easy to create and incredibly flexible. Shared on social media, they link back to your entire PhD project endeavour and the complete PhD story. The Scholarly Blurb includes some text, media assets and links – that's it.

See a Scholarly Blurb as the beginning of a conversation about your work in your PhD project. And as a quick way to contribute to and exchange knowledge. 

The Scholarly Blurb can be a teaser. A snippet of information. Early thoughts. A failed experiment. Hilarious moments in the lab or a breakthrough. Maybe a link to code on GitHub. A presentation worth sharing. A promotion of your first conference article. Perhaps a podcast about your project. Or merely a research contribution that does not fit into the institutional CRIS system. 

Share your reasons and have your ideas collide with the world.

Definition of a blurb in the Oxford Dictionary of English:
a short description of a book, film, or other product written for promotional purposes.

A PhD student told me – even though she had produced a few modest research products (posters & presentations) – she hesitated to add the information into the institutional CRIS. As she was uncertain and anxious about how these result would be assessed by more senior academics. That is a shame.

The PhD student can start an online conversation about the research they are doing without being nervous about how the findings will be perceived. The Scholarly Blurb is not designed for scientific evaluation. It is not a bibliometric record meant for measuring but for narrative storytelling. It is a tool for the PhD student to communicate about findings and progression in the ongoing project.

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These are the reasons we created Scholarly Blurbs. 

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